Flint Aero is a family owned business that has been engineering FAA-PMA approved auxiliary fuel tanks for Cessna airplanes since 1967. That’s all we do, just aux tanks for Cessna aircraft. Our long range fuel tanks not only add fuel capacity but can also increase the gross weight of many 185, 206 and 337 models.

Letdown for refueling and climb back up to cruise altitude make up some of the most detrimental engine time. Our tanks can contribute to significantly longer engine life by extending the range of your aircraft and reducing the need for that “extra stop” for fuel. Flint Aero tanks give you greater flight scheduling flexibility and provide an ever important reserve capacity for an additional margin of safety. And when you find a place where there is a good deal on fuel you can take full advantage of the savings!

You’ll find our kits in use all over the world. From the plains of Africa to the pristine beauty of Alaska, to the rainforests of South America you will see Flint Aero equipped Cessnas.  If you find yourself “down-under” you won’t have to look long to find a Cessna fitted with our tanks. Flint Aero auxiliary fuel tanks have been appreciated worldwide now for nearly 60 years. We wouldn’t be in business this long if we weren’t doing something right. Cessna has been making the best general aviation aircraft for over 80 years and we just want to see you get the most out of your aircraft.

Our kits are quite complete and come with just about everything you will need to complete the installation: hardware, fuel line, electric transfer pumps, wiring, switches, gauges, detailed installation drawings and, of course, an STC.

Our tanks are carefully handcrafted here in the USA from laminated fiberglass, providing maximum strength and durability while keeping weight to a minimum. After many years of service our tanks have proven to be extremely reliable and trouble-free. They are compatible with most leading edge STOL conversions.

Our kits, in most cases, are available for immediate delivery. If you’re thinking about adding some utility to your Cessna, give us a call.